by Jerry Vines

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How To Be Mr. Hunk (11 of 13)
Sex According to God
Song of Solomon 7:1-10
Jerry Vines

This morning our message is directed to the men. Men are not the easiest of God's creatures to understand. I was expecting more "Amen's" than that from the ladies.
I am having nothing to say about how difficult it may be to understand women. I'm talking about men this morning.
I ran across something about the mind of a male I would like to go over with you. He thinks the relationship is going great if he doesn't have to talk. He just has difficulty expressing himself.
Let me give you an example. His daughter calls and he has only three things to say to her. "How's the weather?" "Need any money?" "Here's your mama."
On the other hand the phone rings and the wife talks for about thirty minutes and then she hangs up. You ask, "Who was that?" She says, "I don't know. She had the wrong number."
When a woman is going out she has to decide if she is going to wear her hair up or down. Is she going to wear flats or heels? Is she going to wear slacks or a dress? Is she going to wear stockings, knee-highs, or socks? Is she going to wear lots or little make up?
A man picks up some clothes, smells them, and if there is no visible dirt, he has himself an outfit.
A man makes a fashion statement by turning the brim of his baseball hat backwards. Women dress to express themselves. Men dress so they won't be naked. Men are not the easiest of God's creatures to understand.
Men, in our culture, have not been presented in a very favorable light. Some time ago, there was a program on NBC, which was really a very sad kind of a program, entitled "Men Behaving Badly." On that program men were presented as rude, crude, lowlifes, scumbag dogs. In our culture today there seems to be an organized effort to present men in the most unfavorable light they can possible be presented.
How different it is when you turn to God's Word and in particular the book in the Bible which has to do w ...

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