by Jerry Vines

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Let's Kiss and Make Up (10 of 13)
Sex According to God
Song of Solomon 5:8-6:13
Jerry Vines

We are talking this morning about a very important matter in marriage. We are talking about how to resolve conflict. I suppose it is true that conflict is inevitable in every marriage. I have been aware of the fact that in the preaching of these particular messages I may have created some conflicts in some marriages. Probably some of the things I have said have caused you to go back home and talk together as a couple, and it may have indeed caused a little conflict. I have been aware that even the preaching of some of the things I have dealt with in these series of studies have caused some amount of conflict.
My concern about the whole matter of conflict is not that conflict may occur. I'm really concerned about whether it is good conflict or bad conflict. If it is good conflict that means that the problem at hand is resolved. It means that peace is restored in the relationship. It means that a sense of cooperation and communication is enhanced and made better in the marriage. That's good conflict.
On the other hand, if it is bad conflict, it means that one wins and one loses in the situation. It means that resentments are caused and bitterness is generated in the relationship. Sometimes because of bad conflict, those resentment and bitter feelings are submerged and they will erupt again when another fight occurs. That's bad conflict.
Let me give you a quotation from Dr. Daniel Akin. I think this is so very true. "Most problems in marriage do not begin the bedroom, but many problems in a marriage end up in the bedroom." He is saying that those conflicts and those problems that are a part of the marriage, though they do not begin in the bedroom, they will end up in the bedroom.
That is exactly what has occurred here in our love story between Solomon and his beautiful young bride, the Shulamite.
Last Sunday morning in our previous message, Solomon has re ...

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