by Jerry Vines

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Is the Honeymoon Over? (9 of 13)
Sex According to God
Song of Solomon 5:2-8
Jerry Vines

We are in our continuing series of messages around the theme, Sex According to God. Song of Solomon is the book which God has given to us in the Bible which sets forth love, marriage, and sex in that order. That's the way God designed it and that's the way God intends for it to be.
There was an article in the June 30 edition of Newsweek Magazine, which I found rather interesting. It was entitled, "We Are Not in the Mood." It is a study about married couples and levels of sexual satisfaction in the marriage. It is rather interesting in light of the things we are studying today. It talks about the fact that many couples may feel overworked. They feel anxious about the economy. They are so caught up in activities of their children, trying to get them to all of the various places they need to go, that sex has taken a backseat in their marriage.
There has been a book written recently entitled, The Sex Starved Marriage. It is talking about that problem, and it says that Dr. Phil has weighed in on the crisis and he says that it is of epidemic proportions. Evidently, for many couples, it is true that the honeymoon is over.
The word honeymoon is an interesting word the way it came into our terminology. It came out of the sixteenth century. It was a word used to describe the first month of marriage, which was to be a very special time of tenderness, love, and affection. But it also is a time that though the relationship might be as sweet as honey, it might end with the changing of the moon. So it is referred to as the honeymoon.
I ask the question of you married couples today, is the honeymoon over? I want to point out to you that according to the surveys that have been taken, the highest level of sexual satisfaction is found in a marriage. National Health and Social Life did a survey and came up with these conclusions. Number one, sexually active singles have the mos ...

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