by Jerry Vines

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True Love Waits (6 of 13)
Sex According to God
Jerry Vines
Song of Solomon 3:1-5

We are following the Song of Solomon around three basic divisions or sections. The first section has to do with what we would call the courtship. It is a courtship between King Solomon and a country girl known in this book as the Shulamite. They are going through the period of dating and engagement in the courtship.
The second division will be the wedding. On October 5, we will go to a wedding together.
The third division of the book is the picture of the marriage. That will show us of the intimacy God intends between a husband and a wife within the bonds of marriage where God intends for it to be. God's pattern and God's plan, in the Song of Solomon and in all of the Bible and in life, is intended to be this, love, marriage, and sex in that order.
The young people of America are being told that casual sex is perfectly acceptable. That it is perfectly fine to have just sex in a casual manner. I clipped an article out of the newspaper a few weeks ago about a new television show on one of our major networks. The show is entitled, "Coupling." It says that the show is built around the half dozen thirtyish singles. The pilot episode includes a guy, girl coupling in a bathroom stall, a porn buddy's exchange, and a climatic breast baring scene at a restaurant.
The entertainment president for that network says, "We obviously feel that America is ready for this."
So the young people of America are being told that casual sex is perfectly normal and perfectly acceptable. All of this is at the same time there is an organized attack on marriage in American society. For instance, the recent Supreme Court ruling, basically tearing down the sodomy laws in the state of Texas. The strong push we are experiencing in our culture right now toward the idea of same sex marriage. Our friends in the Episcopal denomination, where there are many godly, Bible believing people, are greatly di ...

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