by Jerry Vines

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Little Things Mean a Lot (5 of 13)
Sex According to God,
Jerry Vines
Song of Solomon 2:15

I'm in a series of messages around the theme, Sex according to God. We are using the Song of Solomon as our Bible foundation for these messages. I'm going to use just one verse this morning and talk to you about Little Things Mean a Lot.
It's amazing how young people and boys and girls are listening to these messages. I got an email this week from one of our choir members. She was telling about talking with her ten-year-old grandson. She asked him if he liked girls yet. He said, "No, not yet. I thought I might start liking them when I'm 15, but I can't do that now." She asked him why not and he said. "Because Dr. Vines said last Sunday morning that you must never ever date until after you are married."
You never know what they are hearing when you talk to them about sex according to God, dating, courtship, and all of these kinds of things. It's a rather interesting thing because when you study the Song of Solomon you have a series of conversations between King Solomon and the beautiful young Shulamite woman. They are engaged in the courtship phase.
There are three phases in the Song of Solomon we are going to study. We are going to study about the courtship, the wedding, and then the marriage. These are the phases we normally go through in husband and wife relationships. We are talking about love, marriage, and sex in that order.
Hebrews 13, verse 4, says, "Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled." It is saying that marriage is a divine institution. It is God who has designed the institution of marriage. In that setting sex is not a dirty thing but a very beautiful and wonderful thing.
In the course of this courtship phase between King Solomon and the young Shulamite woman, Solomon drops a rather interesting little statement. The essence of the statement is that little things mean a lot. We have been hearing this all through the years and know ...

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