SEX TALK (2 OF 13)

by Jerry Vines

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Sex Talk(2 of 13)
Sex According to God
Jerry Vines
Song of Solomon 1:9-14

For too long now, talk about sex has been considered out of place for church. I think there are several reasons why this is true. Part of it is a hold over from the Victorian era which taught that sex was only for propagation and not for pleasure. I think another reason why this is true is that any time the subject of sex comes up, it is always responded to by people with filthy minds.
We are living in a fallen world. We are living in a world which has sin-tainted minds. The Bible says that to the filthy, all things are filthy. You have probably already run into it this week. Somebody has had something ugly or filthy to say because we are talking about this subject in church.
In the minds of many people, any time you begin to talk along this line, they think about something which is filthy. As result of this, the church has been rather reluctant to say anything about this important subject. Our young people hear all of the bad information. They never get any of the good information. It is also true that sometimes about all they have heard in church about the subject of sex is all of the things which God says, don't do or all of the things God says no to. They don't hear a great deal about the things God says yes to. So young people, even church young people, get the idea that sex is something that is based on raw lust and animal passion and that there is no beauty, no spirituality, nothing high and noble about it.
Contrary to all of that, the Bible makes it very clear that sex is God's beautiful, holy and pure gift to His people.
Hebrews 13, verse 4 is the guiding verse for everything I'm saying in this series on Sex According to God. It says this. "Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled, but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." You have in that verse of Scripture a positive statement and a negative statement. Of course, the negative is there, whoremon ...

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