by Jesse Hendley

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Conversation about the Lord Jesus Christ (1 of 3)
Jesse M. Hendley
2 Kings 5:2-4

Our subject today is "Conversation About The Lord Jesus Christ." Just "Conversation about Him." The ability to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ.

In one of our great denominations there have been many evangelistic conferences, many books being taught on soul winning, and many soul-winning meetings and yet it is estimated that only 4% of the people ever win souls to Jesus or seriously go after souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. There is something tragic about that.

There is some reason for this because we believe there are more born-again people who really want to serve the Lord. You can talk about Jesus Christ. You can. It is wonderful to win a soul to Christ. It is wonderful to get a person to sign on a dotted line, but many times people won't even talk about Him because they think they may not be able to get the person to decide for Jesus. But to help win a soul, to bring a lost person to a revival meeting where he is saved, is vitally important. Do not think God will not give you a reward and blessing. Of course He's going to do it. In our talking to people, we may help to get somebody to sign on the line. We may be the first one God will use to get him interested in his soul. We may be used of God mid-way in that soul coming to Christ, giving them another shove in the direction of the Lord by our own personal witness. All of it works together in the winning of that soulto the Lord Jesus Christ.

In II Kings 5:2-4, there is a beautiful picture of a little Jewish girl who had been taken captive by the leader of the military forces of Syria and was serving the wife of this man. This Syrian military leader was in desperate condition with leprosy. This little maid said, "Oh, I would God that my lord were with the prophet that is in Samaria, for he would recover him of his leprosy."

You see? It led to that man's recovery. The little girl didn't recover t ...

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