by Stan Coffey

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Faith for Life's Crises (2 of 13)
Series: Faith - How to Get it and How to Grow It
Stan Coffey
Acts 27:20

Well in your bulletin you'll find a little outline like this if you'd like to take it and follow on. Take your Bible and turn to Acts 27, Acts 27. Not all the scripture is in your bulletin today so you'll want to take your Bible today and turn to Acts 27. Last Sunday we started a new series on faith called ''Faith: How to Get it and How To Grow It''.

This summer I just feel led of the Lord that we should turn to the word of God and talk about faith. Faith is a premium in the Christian life. Jesus prized faith. And the Bible says ''Without faith it is impossible to please God.'' I know if you're like me you want to please God. Amen? That's the whole aim of the Christian life -- to please God.

Last week we talked about what faith is from Hebrews chapter 11. Now today we're talking about faith for life's crises. I don't know if you're in a crisis today. You're either coming out of a crisis. You're in a crisis. Or you're soon to be a crisis, that's for sure. Maybe a family crisis. Maybe a personal crisis. Maybe a crisis with your children. It could be a crisis with your husband or your wife. It could be a crisis with your job. It may be a crisis with your finances. But there are all kinds of crises that we go through.

Now in this passage of scripture Paul found himself in a crisis. It was because he was going through a storm, a literal storm. He found himself to be in a crisis, on a ship headed for Rome and the ship found itself in a typhoon, in a literal storm sort of like ''The Perfect Storm.'' All of us remember the movie ''The Perfect Storm'' and this was a perfect storm. The ship was threatened. It was about to be torn apart.

So look at verse 20 and you'll get the idea of how severe this storm was, about how severe this crisis was. Maybe you can identify with this. Maybe you've been in such a storm. Maybe not literally, but at least you can ...

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