by Stan Coffey

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Faith and Spiritual Authority (5 of 13)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Luke 6


Satan does not want us to know about the authority that we have in Jesus Christ. He doesn't want you to know that when you became a Christian, Jesus entered into your life and that you have authority over him. This passage is going to tell us about the man who had such great faith, and Jesus marveled at his faith. It is an amazing passage of scripture that tells us what the Lord can do for the person who has faith in Him. What a wonderful example it is of the faith of this man, this centurion, who came to know the Lord Jesus as his Savior.

I heard about a man who was beaten up. He was mugged in a big city. He was walking down the street when two men accosted him and took his wallet. They had a hard time doing it because he put up a fierce fight. In fact, his clothes were torn, his face was bleeding, he just put up a terrible fight. His friend said to him, "Man, you must have had a lot of money on you to have put up such a fight and even risked your life. You must of just got paid and had your entire paycheck."

"The man said, "No, it wasn't that. I only had four dollars and twenty five cents. " The friend said, "You mean you nearly lost your life over four dollars and twenty five cents? Man what were you thinking?"

He said, "Oh, it wasn't the money. I just didn't want anybody to find out my financial situation. I was embarrassed and didn't want them to know how little money I had."

You know the devil doesn't want you to find our your spiritual situation. That is that you are wealthy in Christ Jesus, that you've been made to sit in heavenly places in the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a conqueror through the Lord Jesus Christ. That's what this passage of scripture is all about. It's all about the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross, He rose again from the dead and the Lord Jesus is able to come into our lives and give us a ...

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