by James Merritt

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Building Blocks (8 of 8)
James Merritt
Jeremiah 33:3


1. ["You Make the Call" video] Wouldn't it be fascinating if you were in the position of making the call that could perhaps decide the World Series, or the Super Bowl, or a College Football National Championship? One call can influence families for a lifetime. It can influence millions and millions of dollars. It can fulfill the dream of one athlete and destroy the dream of another one.

2. Well most of us, if not practically all of us, will never be in a position to make that kind of a critical call. But you can make a call that can affect the world, and have an eternal impact, and that is the call to pray. One of the most amazing verses in all the Bible is one of the most simple verses. "Call to me and I will answer you; I will tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own." (Jere. 33:3, The Msg)

3. If I told you that I had a telephone that was a direct hookup to Heaven; if I could guarantee you that if you picked up your end of the phone and God would be on the other end, and would talk to you as long as you want, and furthermore, that the call would be absolutely free, I think you would agree that telephone would be priceless. People would be lined up literally all over the world standing in line waiting to talk to God.

4. I heard about a minister of a certain church that called the children to the front of the church every Sunday to tell them a story. One time he brought a telephone to illustrate the idea of prayer. He said, "You talk to people on the telephone, but you don't see them on the other end, right?" Well, all the children nodded yes. He said, "Well talking to God is like talking on the telephone. He's on the other end but you just can't see Him, but He is listening." About that time a little boy piped up and asked, "What's His number?"

5. Well fortunately you know pra ...

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