by James Merritt

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Building Blocks (7 of 8)
James Merritt
Psalm 119:105


1. Chuck Swindoll is well known as one of the most popular authors and Bible teachers of the Twentieth Century. He was, in effect, Max Lucado before Max Lucado. Chuck Swindoll made a statement that not only basically summarizes what I want to say to you today, but hopefully will motivate you to listen to the way I want to say it.
''If I can have only one wish for God's people, it would be that all of us would return to the word of God, that we would realize once for all that His Book has the answers. The Bible is the authority, the final resting place of our cares, our worries, our griefs, our tragedies, our sorrows, and our surprises. It is the final answer to our questions, our search. Turning back to the Scriptures will provide something that nothing else on the entire earth will provide.''

2. I was reminded of just how valuable the Bible is as I came across an interesting fact about communication. As you know, the world of information is now connected via the Internet. But in 1860 the fastest way to send a message was by the newly developed Pony Express. This innovative enterprise was created by the Russell-Majors-Waddel Company. Young men seeking adventure were hired to ride 8 hours and 80 miles per day on horseback. The 1,946 miles between St. Joseph, MO and Sacramento, CA were linked together by 190 stations, so that mail could be delivered in 10 days rather than 25. These men rode 6 days a week at that time for a very big salary of $125 a month. Each man was outfitted identically with a bright red shirt and blue trousers.

3. But what was interesting was to note that their gear included an ultra light saddle, a colt revolver, a lightweight Winchester, and a Bible. Now interestingly enough, although every piece of mail was required to be written on thin paper so as to reduce the weight, a Bible was still included in every man's saddleback.

4. In the ninetee ...

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