by Ron Dunn

Ron Dunn
I Peter 4:10

When we receive a spiritual gift as God says we all have received a spiritual gift, we become stewards of the grace of God. Now if you and I understand fully what that phrase means, "stewards of the grace of God," we'll understand that it is a very serious and solemn statement. The word "steward" literally means "one who governed a household." It was a person who received from his master a valuable piece of property or the care or management of the estate and was to manage and govern that for the master. Then when the master returned, he was to give an accounting of his stewardship. This is the reason the Bible says, "moreover it is required of stewards that they be found faithful."

Understanding that, you need to get this picture. God has actually taken the grace of God and placed it in our hands and makes us the administrators of His grace. Imagine that God would take the grace which is able to save, the grace which is God Himself in His loving activity, the diverse grace of God indicating the diversity of gifts, and place it in my hands and your hands. He entrusts to you and me the grace of God in the form of a spiritual gift and you are to administer that grace and to govern the use of that grace. That is a terrible responsibility because the word always carries with it the idea of accounting. There is a time when you and I will have to give to God an accounting of how we managed and administrated the grace of God that He entrusted to us

You remember in the gospel of Matthew Jesus tells the parable of a master who has three servants who were stewards and he was to go on a long journey and he gathered his three stewards before him, and gave to one ten talents, another five talents and another one talent. It was a wedge of gold, a very valuable piece of property and when the master returned he called each one into his presence and each one had to give an accounting as to what he had done with the talents, the oppor ...

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