by Steve Wagers

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Complete In Him! (12 of 16)
All Dressed Up With Someplace To Go!
Steve Wagers
Colossians 3:5-13

1. Over 30 years ago the first edition of a book called "Dress for Success" was published. It was an interesting book, and sold very well. In fact, it is still available, although in a new and updated edition. The premise for the book was that what you wear has an impact on whether, or not you succeed. And in the business world, which was the target for the book, this is certainly true.

2. In fact, I came across an interesting organization this week called "Dress For Success." Dress for Success provides interview suits, confidence boosters and career development to more than 45,000 women in over 75 cities each year. Dress for Success is a not-for-profit organization that helps low-income women make tailored transitions into the workforce. Each Dress for Success client receives one suit when she has a job interview and a second suit when she gets the job. Dress for Success has as its motto,
"You only get one chance to make the right impression!"

3. Today, in our fashion crazed society, it is true that clothes do make a difference. They make a difference in how others perceive us. They even make a difference in how we feel about ourselves. People who are depressed often let their appearance go. People who feel good about themselves want to look as good as they feel.

4. Of course, there are certain occasions and circumstances that require a more formal dress. On a news special the other night in which Tom Brokaw spent a day in the White House with President Bush, it was revealed that President Bush requires a coat and tie to be worn in the Oval Office out of respect for that special place. Everyone has a certain sense of what is appropriate in a particular situation. We all have our own understanding of a dress code.

5. In our text today, the apostle Paul uses this idea of dress to emphasize how we are to live as Christians, in light of what God ...

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