HE'S ALL I NEED! (8 OF 16)

by Steve Wagers

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Complete In Him! (8 of 16)
He's All I Need!
Colossians 2: 4-10
Pastor Steve N. Wagers

1. As the Andrea Doria moved swiftly through the North Atlantic, patches of fog made the darkness seem even deeper. In contrast, the atmosphere aboard the Italian luxury liner was light and festive. It was one big party. The final parties of the voyage, in anticipation of the next day's docking in New York, were in progress.

2. But the sharp, unexpected lurch of the ship, coupled with a grinding crash and flickering lights, spread panic among the passengers. Then the ship stabilized, and the lights burned bright and steady. The panic of the passengers ebbed, and a deceptively reassuring voice was reported to have come over the liner's intercom system. Again and again it was repeated, "This is no emergency!"

3. But, a thirty-foot slash in the ship's side, where she had been fatally stabbed by the sharp bow of the Swedish liner Stockholm, remained open to the sea. The Andrea Doria sank, and fifty people died on that summer night in 1956 all because neglected danger.

4. It seems as if the apostle Paul had no doubt about the reality of the emergency in the church at Colosse. The situation called for immediate and drastic action. The church was about to be destroyed from the inside by false teaching. Spiritual aspirin was not enough; it was time for major surgery.

5. Thus, Paul seeks to reestablish, remind, and reinforce the fact that Christ is supreme, sublime and sufficient to meet every need in the life of the believer. Like a surgeon faced with a malignancy, Paul uses his words to expose danger, and explain doctrine to a people being threatened by heresy. Again, in these wonderful verses of scripture, he reminds these believers, as well as us, that Christ is all we need. First of all, I call your attention to:

1. A Danger of which We Should Beware!

1. In verse 4, and again in verse 8, the apostle Paul throws up a 'Danger' sign to those be ...

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