by Steve Wagers

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Complete In Him! (1 of 16)
Let's Get Back To Basics!
Steve Wagers
Colossians 1:1-8

1. C. H. Spurgeon once said:
"People have often asked me, 'What is the secret of your success?' I always reply that I have no other secret but this, that I have preached the gospel - not about the gospel - but the gospel; the full, free, glorious gospel of the Living Christ, who is the Incarnation of the Good News. Preach Christ, brethren, always and everywhere."

2. Dr. Baldwin, who was pastor of a church for 41 years said, "I testify that at thirty, after examining as best I could the philosophies and religions of the world, I said, 'Nothing is better than the Gospel of Christ.' At forty, when burdens began to press heavily and years seemed to hasten, I said, 'Nothing is as good as the Gospel.' At fifty, when there were empty chairs in the home and the mound builders had done me service, I said, 'There is nothing to be compared with the Gospel.' At sixty, when my second sight saw through the delusions and vanities of earthly things, I said, 'There is nothing but the Gospel.' At seventy, amid many limitations and deprivations, I sing:

"Should all the forms that men devise
Attack my faith with treacherous art,
I'd call them vanities and lies,
And bind the Gospel to my heart."

3. We live in a day that is filled with a variety of religious beliefs. Much emphasis has been placed upon one's denomination, affiliation and participation as a basis of their eternal destiny.

4. We live in a day where the pillars of truth, that have stood for years; and, served as a foundation for our nation, are being torn down. Thus, to many, there are no 'moral absolutes,' or no such thing as 'absolute truth.' Therefore, the majority opinion, of our society, in regards to religious beliefs, is that man can get to God a variety of ways.

5. Sad to say the cause of this delusion rests with the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have drifted from the fundamentals of the faith ...

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