by Jerry Vines

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What on Earth Is God Doing? (1 of 7)
Will the Whole World Be Converted?
Jerry Vines
Matthew 13:3-9; 18-23

Have you ever wondered what on earth is God doing? Is God involved? Is God moving in the events which unfold for us in daily life? I'm going to pursue a series of studies this summer on Sunday mornings around this theme, What on Earth is God Doing. I'm going to try to answer some questions which arise in our minds. This morning I'm going to attempt to answer the question, will the world be converted? Is that what will eventually happen?

When I started preaching as a sixteen-year-old boy, I thought I was going to win the world. I also thought that when I preached the good news about Jesus that everyone who heard it would be converted. Now, these many years later, I have discovered that I won't and they haven't. In fact, I have discovered that along the way there are those who will respond to the message of the Gospel and receive Jesus into their hearts and lives, but there are also there are those who will not respond to the message and so far as we know they do not give their heart and life to the Lord. Have you ever wondered why that is? I think you would agree with me that the message which I have to deliver and the message which you believe and share with others is the greatest news the world has ever heard. It is the good news that though we are sinners and deserve to die in our sins, God loves us so very much that He sent His Son the Lord Jesus who died on that cross for our sins, rose again from the tomb three days later, and that if people will turn from their sins and invite Jesus into their heart and life they will be saved. That's the best news the world has ever heard, would you not agree? It's good news! It's the best deal going in town!

Why is it then when we share this kind of message, there are some who receive it and they are saved and others, so far as we know, do not receive it and are not saved?

Jesus told a story whic ...

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