by Jerry Vines

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What on Earth Is God Doing? (3 of 7)
Why the Birds?
Jerry Vines
Matthew 13:31-32

This is a story which Jesus told. There are parables in the Bible. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. The Lord would take something very familiar to people and use it to teach a spiritual truth. He does this in this passage of Scripture.

The Lord gives a series of seven parables in Matthew 13 in which He explains to us what on earth God is doing. When you look at our world and see everything going on, sometimes you wonder where is God in all of this? Has God vacated the earth? Is God no longer interested in this world of ours? What on earth is God doing?

In the course of these seven parables, Jesus answers some of the very perplexing questions we face.

This particular story is a very simple little story. It is about a man who takes a grain of mustard seed. He plants it in the ground. Then it becomes a vegetable plant. After that it becomes a great tree. Then the Bible says that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches of that tree.

Several very interesting questions are answered by our Lord in that parable. For instance we ask, what is the future of organized Christianity? Where is it all headed? It started 2,000 years ago. The Christian faith has grown and grown. What is the future of organized Christianity?

It also raises the question which is pertinent to you and to me this morning. Can a church get too big? Is it possible that a church can become so large that it is beyond what God wants it to be?

Another question it answers is this. What does the Bible say about apostate Christianity?

The word, apostasy, means to depart from or to fall away from the faith. The Bible predicts in the end time that there will be an apostasy. These and several other questions are going to be answered as we study the parable of the grain of mustard seed that became a great tree and the birds of the air came and lodged in its branches.

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