by Jerry Vines

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What on Earth Is God Doing? (4 of 7)
What Is the Yeast?
Jerry Vines
Matthew 13:33

In Matthew 13 the Lord Jesus tells seven stories which try to answer the question, what on earth is God doing. When you live in our kind of world and you observe the changing scene of our culture, many times along the way that question is raised. In these seven beautiful pictures which the Lord Jesus Christ gives us, in story form, He answers these questions. One of the questions we ask a lot of times, especially those of us that are in the church, why is it that false teaching gets in a church. How is it that in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, based upon the teachings of the Bible, you will find along the way that all kinds of strange and unusual doctrines are found. Why do you find false teaching in the church and how does that teaching get there? The Lord Jesus answers that question in these stories.

This is not a long story. It's only one verse. It is fairly easy to tell. The story just says that here is a woman in her kitchen. The Lord Jesus moves into a place where the women are more familiar. This woman has some leaven or some yeast. She hides it in some meal so that it permeates the entire lump of dough. The whole things begins to rise and spread. I don't know if you had the kind of momma I did or not, but when I read that kind of story it reminds me of what my mother used to do. What she did was really good to me. I never did understand why my mother would take a lump of dough from the old lump and put it in the new. But when I was studying this story it finally dawned on me what she was doing. My mother made the best biscuits you have ever eaten in all your life. She made cathead biscuits. Those are big biscuits that look like a cat's head. She would make those things and they would rise because the leaven was in there. She would lay them out hot on the table. The first bite was a half moon. The second bite was a total eclipse. It was a lot of fun.


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