by Jerry Vines

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What on Earth Is God Doing? (6 of 7)
What Is the Pearl?
Jerry Vines
Matthew 13:45-46

In Matthew 13 we are looking at the mystery parables Jesus told which explain to us what God is doing on the earth. What on earth is God doing? And we have the explanation in these seven simple stories the Lord Jesus Christ gives.

We are looking at number 6 this morning. We'll look at number 7 next Sunday morning and then we will begin the study on Sex According to God on Sunday morning, August 10.

This morning the question is asked, what is the pearl. We are going to try to answer that question in verses 45 and 46.

When you look at the work of God on the earth today, you may be a bit discouraged when you see all of the inconsistencies and all of the failures. We see what God is doing on the earth today in its outward manifestations and if we are not very, very careful we will allow ourselves to become discouraged and rather pessimistic about it.

Jesus gave four stories that give us what God is doing on the earth, which are very apparent for everyone to see. He told about the parable of the sowers and only one of the seeds He mentions is productive. Then Jesus told about the wheat and the tares and the fact that even among the people of God, in churches, there are those who have never really been born again. There is no evidence that they are genuinely saved. They are the tares among the wheat. Jesus then told a story about a woman who was making bread. She put some leaven in it and it grew out of proportion. It reminds us of the false doctrines that come sometimes in the church of the Lord Jesus. He also told about a mustard seed that became a great tree. There we see the false church and the monstrosity that the church can become when it departs from the simple truths of the gospel.

So when you look at these first four stories you might become a bit discouraged. After Jesus told those stories, He took the disciples inside the house and then inside th ...

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