by Jerry Vines

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What on Earth Is Jesus Doing? (7 of 7)
What Is the Net?
Jerry Vines
Matthew 13:47-50

I am giving you the seventh in a series of parables or stories which Jesus told. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. By taking things the people are familiar with, the Lord Jesus Christ taught important truths. Keep in mind that Jesus is speaking these words to His disciples. And also keep in mind their background and what a lot of them did.

Jesus gave seven stories to explain what God is doing on the earth. The first four of those stories He gave to the people who were gathered around the seashore. Three of these stories He gave to the disciples specifically after they had gone inside the house. In these three stories the Lord Jesus Christ kind of tells us what is going on behind the scenes. They are things which are not obvious to most people. He told the story about the treasure hid in a field. There He was telling us what God is doing among His chosen people, the nation of Israel.

Then Jesus told us about the pearl of great price and the merchantman who was looking for the pearl and when he found it he sold everything he had and bought that pearl. There He explained what He is doing in His church, His special pearl of great price.

We have heard what God is doing among the nation of Israel. We have heard what God is doing today in the church. What is God doing in the lost world in general? In order to answer that question, the Lord Jesus gives us the parable of the net that was cast out into the sea. Keep in mind that many of the disciples were fishermen. The Lord Jesus Christ went by the Sea of Galilee and there were Peter and John. They were fishermen. The Lord Jesus said to them, "Come after me and I will make you fishers of men." That was a language they could understand because they were fishermen. Basically, Jesus was saying, "I'm going to give you a higher calling. I'm going to give you a greater work. No longer will you just be ...

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