by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 5:18

In Ephesians 5:18 God's Word says, "Be ye filled with the Holy Spirit." "Be not drunk with wine (don't get drunk), but be filled WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT." There is evidence there of two intoxications. The one is purely of the flesh---the drinking of wine and the awful effects that come from that sooner or later; and then there is the wonderful intoxication of the Spirit-filled life from which there is nothing but blessing and from which there are no evil effects now or ever.

"Be filled (up to the brim) with the Holy Spirit of God." This is a command, THE LORD'S COMMAND to His people. God's command to us is that we should not be weak but that we should be filled with His Spirit. There is a pious saying, "I am so weak." But I want to remind you that that will not stand in the Presence of God Who says, "BE STRONG!" and whose almightiness is at our disposal through the power and the presence of the SPIRIT of God! God COMMANDS us then to be filled with the Spirit.

If our lives are FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, they can't be filled with the world, too. When a bucket is full of water it can't be filled with anything else. If it is filled up to the brim, there is no room in that bucket for anything else. When your life and mine are filled with the Holy Spirit of God, then, beloved, there is NO ROOM for anything else but God's Holy Spirit.

"Be ye FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT." You recognize immediately that that is our desperate need. If you look at your own home, you'll find it. What is the NEED in these letters I've read? The Holy Spirit of God. HE is absent! People are trying to make it by themselves, in the strength of the flesh, trying to work out life by themselves. We cannot do it. God alone can guide our lives in the proper way and in the right path. God alone can give the Strength to lead us in that way.

Be ye filled with THE HOLY SPIRIT, Christian. Be ye filled with the Holy Spirit, unsaved m ...

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