by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
James 2

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles I invite you to turn to the Book of James, and we are taking up chapter 2 today. We are not going through this verse by verse but we are giving to you a picture of the early Christians, the Christians of 2,000 years ago, the Christians of that period immediately after Jesus died on the Cross and went back to heaven.

We found thus far from the Book of James, chapter 1 and verse 1, that James said that true Christians are Servants of God.

Then in chapter 2, verse 1, we found that they possessed faith in Christ. They believed in Christ as their Saviour and trusted Him to take care of them in life and death and bring them home to Heaven.

The third thing we learned is that they knew they were not saved by keeping works of the law, but they were saved by the perfect Law of Liberty. They were FREE to keep only those things that were pleasing to God, and they CHOSE to do that IN LIBERTY and not under Law. So they knew they were not under Law. They simply sought to live well-pleasing to Jesus! In their hearts they knew, and they knew from the statements of Jesus, the things that WOULD please or would DISPLEASE the blessed LORD. There is a picture of early Christians. Is that a picture of Christianity today?

Let us continue this now in chapter 2, verse 5. We find that among those early Christian however, some failed to remain absolutely true because they had been associating with people who were unbelievers, who blasphemed the name of Christ, who persecuted true believers.

Now James knows that some of these people are among the Christians to whom he writes. There were same who had failed to remain absolutely true because they had been associating with unbelievers. James 2:5. "Harken, my beloved brethren. Hath not God chosen the poor of this world, rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which He hath promised to them that love Him? But ye have despise ...

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