by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Judges 11:29-39

Now turn with me in your Bibles this morning to Judges 11, verse 29. It is a solemn passage and has given the commentators much trouble. But it is one of the most searching passages in the Word of God. I'm going to read to you verses 29 through 39. The story will be self explanatory, then a few remarks about it and then drawing the application.

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"----Jephtha vowed a vow unto the Lord," (did you ever vow a vow unto the Lord?) Did you ever Promise God anything?

Now the story of Jephtha is a pitifully tragic story. It begins in tragedy. He was the son of a harlot. When he came to his inheritance he was cast out of his inheritance. Nobody seemed to care about this poor boy, born out of wedlock. Yet, he has come down to have a place in sacred Scripture, and a place that so few Christians today can even have, because of a certain thing in his soul. He believed that when a man made a promise to God that promise is unchangeable. He believed that! We gather together here this morning as a Sunday School, and I want to speak to you right out of my heart, this passage of God's Word. But it is directed to all of us. Young people and older people, Sunday School teachers and pupils and all of us together, to all of us this Word will be applicable. I pray the Lord will make known to us that when we make a Promise, or a vow unto God, that promise or vow must be kept.

Now we read here in verse 29, "The spirit of the Lord came upon Jephtha." We have here the tragedy of a man sacrificing his daughter to the Lord. Now you read all through the Old Testament the command to sacrifice beasts, we read of lambs that were slaughtered and goats that were slaughtered and other beasts that were slaughtered and birds that were slaughtered. The blood continued to flow on Israel's altars, teaching us the solemn lesson that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. But all through the ...

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