by Jesse Hendley

A Study of the Book of James
Jesse M. Hendley

Turn with me now in your Bibles to the Book of James. It is a wonderful book. I have been meditating in it and one of these days soon I hope to go through this marvelous book. It is one of the early epistles, one of the closest to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead and His ascension back to heaven. This book was written about A. D. 50, very close to the time when He died on the Cross and rose from the dead, ascended back to heaven and took His position at God's right hand. A. D. 50! One of the earliest books of the New Testament period. The Book of James. We read these words in the first verse: ''James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.'' James, a servant of God! That is the synonym of a Christian. That is one of our troubles today. That is why many people haven't any assurance that they are saved, they never serve God! They come to Jesus Christ, walk down the aisle and join a church and are baptized, and that is the end for them. But that isn't the end; that is the BEGINNING of the Christian life. There is a life to be lived that is Christian, distinctly Christian, after that. We are to be SERVANTS OF GOD and of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Now that word ''servant'' (I have called your attention to it many times) is the Greek word doulos, and it means literally, ''a bondslave,'' a slave under bonds, one who is totally his lord's, one who is an abject servant, a complete servant, one who seeks only to do the will of his master; one to whom God's will and the Lord Jesus' will is the most important thing in all the world! When will we learn, friends, that the biggest thing in life is not making a living and acquiring possessions and raising families and seeking entertainment, to be entertained on the way? The true life of happiness and peace and joy here and hereafter is the life that is lived as a SERVANT OF GOD and of THE LORD JESUS. Living in His service, serving HIM, doing what He wan ...

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