by Dennis Marquardt

Rev. Dennis Marquardt
Mark 13:1-37

The world right now is focused on the future. For some
they see the collapse of technology which will usher
in chaos on a global level. For others they see much
to do about nothing! For some it is an opportunity to
attempt terrorism, for others a time to stay home and
not get too excited. Some will celebrate with others,
some will simply ignore most of the celebrations and
try and get a good night's sleep.
The fact of the matter is however that the future is
upon us! Ironically, Jesus spoke a great deal about
the future, but most people were not listening then,
and most don't listen much to what the Bible says
today either. Not too many years ago preachers used to
preach on the second coming of Christ, but it seems it
has gone out of style to speak on such things.
If there is anything clear in the Bible however it is
that Jesus is coming again and we need to be prepared
for the future! We cannot ignore the truths about the
future as Jesus tells us. As sure as Jesus came the
first time, He is coming a second time, only this time
it will usher in the end of all things! It won't be
the computers that end the world, it will be the
coming of Jesus Christ!
Some people (even some Christians!) think we should
avoid the frightening images of what the Bible says
will take place in the last days, yet how can we
ignore such an important element of the Bible, and the
need to be prepared?
Some of you have heard me tell about my early ministry
when I served a little church in rural Georgia. One
Saturday we went to the funeral of a relative of
somebody in my church. It was in a little country
church not of my denomination. I grew up in a big
downtown church. I had never been to a funeral like
this one. They had the body out there. The casket was
open, and the funeral consisted of a sermon by their
preacher. The preacher ...

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