by Dennis Marquardt

Rev. Dennis Marquardt
I Sam. 17:1-58

INTRO: It is always fascinating how different
people can see the same thing and yet have completely
different reactions!

Perspective plays one of the most important roles in
the quality of our life. In fact, perspective can
actually determine the quality of our life ... "what
you see is what you get!"

Have you ever seen a harmless spider under a
microscope? The normally harmless looking little
thing under a microscope can be as frightening as any
horror movie with a huge creature! Under a microscope
the spider can look terrifying!

On your bed sheets in your bed are thousands of tiny
mites that consume your flaked off flesh, you don't
see them so you aren't normally bothered by them, but
if you could see them, or feel them, sleeping on those
sheets would be a very different experience!

This goes on in the spiritual realm too. Many times
the only difference between a successful saint and a
struggling one is perspective, what they see or

PROP. SENT: The Scripture will teach us that we
are to focus on God and not the "Goliaths" in our
lives. What becomes the "big" thing in our life is
the thing that will dominate, so let it be God!
Perspective can make the difference between power or
panic, faith or fear!


A. Stand-off! 17:1-3
1. Israel was locked in a stand-off with the
a. The Philistines controlled one mountain, Israel
the other.
b. Neither side made much progress!
c. Sounds like many situations in our lives at
2. Ever been in this situation, you are up against a
"giant" problem and you aren't losing but you're not
gaining either!?
a. Like a "no-win" situation.
b. Can't seem to find a solution.
c. The longer the stand-off, the more drained you
d. Something needs to give!
3. Nothing was changing because Israel wasn't seeing
the problem or God ...

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