by Clarence E. Macartney

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Strange Texts but Grand Truths (13 of 17)
The Doom of Evil
Clarence E. Macartney
2 Samuel 18:9

The mule that was under him went away." He always
does! And there Absalom hangs, as he fled that day
from the field of battle, caught in the branches of
the tree by the luxurious tresses of that hair of
which he was so proud. There he hangs, all by himself,
between heaven and earth; deserted by his soldiers and
even by his mule; waiting there for the three fatal
darts out of the hand of Joab, and then for a last
resting place in the pit in the wood, with the stones
of detestation and execration heaped up over him. That
was his grave and his monument. But that was not the
grave in which he had expected to lie; for yonder in
the king's dale he had built a costly mausoleum which
he proudly named after himself- "Absalom's place." But
no; it was not there that he was buried, but in that
pit in the wood.

When David's three divisions under the command of
Joab, Abishai, and Ittai marched out that morning to
do battle with Absalom and his rebel army in the wood
of Ephraim, David charged each commander as he went
into the battle, "Deal gently for my sake with the
young man, even with Absalom." He was fearful lest
that brilliant blackguard, his rebellious son, should
perish in the battle, and his father's heart be

And that was what happened. The untrained levies of
Absalom were no match for the veteran troops of Joab,
David's commander-in-chief, and were driven from the
field with great slaughter. Absalom, riding on his
royal mule, trying to escape the fate of his soldiers,
rode into a detachment of David's army and, turning
his mule about, galloped off in another direction. But
as he passed through the forest, his head was caught
in the boughs of a great oak, and his mule went from
under him; and there he was left, hanging between
heaven and earth. One of the soldiers saw him hanging
there bu ...

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