by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Wisest Fool (8 of 16)
Mark-The Man Who Failed and Then Made Good
Clarence E. Macartney
Acts 13:13
2 Tim. 4:11

This is a sermon found where all true sermons are
found-in the Bible. But the power of it, the charm of
it, and the timeliness of it were brought vividly to
my mind one summer in my travels in the footsteps of

After our ship left the Island of Cyprus at Limassol,
we sailed around the western end of Cyprus, and then
straight north to Antalya in Turkey, on the southern
shore of Asia Minor. Antalya is situated on the great
Bay of Antalya, one of the remarkable geographical
features of Asia Minor. For hours your ship is sailing
into this bay, which cuts its way deep into Asia
Minor, and on either side of you, as you look to the
east and to the west, are the great yellow mountains
which are so familiar a part of the landscape in that
part of the world.

This was the route followed by Paul and Barnabas on
the first missionary journey. They had sailed from
Seleucia, the port of Antioch, and landing at Cyprus
at Salamis, had traveled through the island to Paphos,
where they took ship for Asia Minor. They landed in
this same Bay of Antalya at Perga, a considerable city
of Pamphylia. Perga is now a desolation. But the other
port, Attalia, just near to Perga, from which the
apostles sailed on their return voyage, is still a
considerable city. It is picturesquely located on high
cliffs. The town is blessed with the plentiful waters
of the river Cataractes, which flows down from the
mountains and falls in beautiful cascades over the
cliff into the sea. There are some Roman ruins in the
town, and a few towers and walls dating back to the
days of the Venetians. The town shows the scars of
bombardment by Italian warships during World War I.

As our ship sailed into this remarkable bay, and as I
walked along the cliffs at Antalya and looked at the
great mountains beyond the Pamphylian p ...

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