by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Wisest Fool (6 of 16)
Ezekiel-The Man of Sorrow and of Vision
Clarence E. Macartney
Ezek. 48:35

The Lord is there." That is the final sentence in one
of the greatest books of the Bible, and that is the
last word of one of the greatest men of the Bible, the
prophet Ezekiel. At the end of this strange and
wonderful book, with its visions of glory, with its
predictions of battles and slaughters, with its
strange symbols and extraordinary dramas, and soaring
eloquence-at the end of it all comes this sentence,
"The Lord is there." The book concludes with a vision
of a marvelous city, as large as Palestine itself, and
a temple of God as large as Jerusalem, and of this
city and temple it is written, "The Lord is there."

"The Lord is there." Any prophet, any preacher, any
teacher, any book, any picture, any providence or
experience in life which can say that to you, which
can tell you that life is more than meat and the body
more than raiment, which can persuade you that life
has spiritual outgoings, that the destiny of the soul
is something more than just a struggle in the darkness
in the defiles of this world's wilderness, and after
that the silence-any book, any friend, prophet,
teacher, preacher, experience which can say that to
you, "The Lord is there," is well worthy of your

The book of Ezekiel is one of the grandest, but most
difficult and obscure, of all the books of the Bible;
but in it there are flashes of unsurpassed beauty and
splendor. The prophet Ezekiel is one of those men who
can say to their fellow men, "The Lord is there"; one
of those dead, but sceptered spirits, the real
sovereigns of the world, "who rule us from their
urns." Ezekiel was a contemporary of the prophet
Jeremiah; but while Jeremiah prophesied during the
sunset of the Hebrew monarchy at Jerusalem, Ezekiel
prophesied to the Jews who already had been carried
into the land of captivity.

Ezekiel's Co ...

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