by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Wisest Fool (3 of 16)
Achan-How Sin Lost a Battle
Clarence E. Macartney
Josh. 7:21

The only trouble was that he had not dug the hole deep
enough. That is always the trouble with sin-you cannot dig
a hole deep enough to hide it.

Midnight over the ruins of Jericho. No death-dealing,
blockbuster had fallen on the city. No artillery had
blasted its walls. Yet there it lay, a heap of desolation
and ruin. The moon looks down upon the fragments of
gigantic walls, prostrate pillars of the temples of Baal,
the dust and rubble of baths, theaters, shops, mansions of
the rich, and cottages of the poor.

For seven successive days the army of Joshua had marched
around the walls of Jericho, carrying with them the Ark of
the Covenant, and the priests blowing on the rams' horns.
On the seventh day the army marched seven times around the
walls of the city. When the seventh circle was completed
the people gave a great shout, and the immense walls of the
city fell flat, burying in their collapse the shops and
temples and bazaars and homes of the people. Of all the
inhabitants only one survived the catastrophe. That one was
Rahab the harlot, who had hid the spies of Israel from
their enemies. When the army of Joshua marched into the
fallen city, Rahab was spared, for, in obedience to the
instructions of the spies, she had hung the scarlet thread
from her window.

Outside the broken walls of the city the army of Israel
lies encamped. The tents of each tribe are pitched around
the tribal standard, and in the midst of the camp are the
Ark of the Covenant and the tabernacle. In the ruins of
Jericho not a soul is alive. In the camp of Israel no one
is stirring. All are asleep, all but one. Look! Out of
yonder tent comes a solitary man. He stands for a little at
the fly of his tent and looks this way and that way to see
if anyone is looking. Then, cautiously and carefully,
stopping every now and then to look back an ...

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