by Clarence E. Macartney

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Great Interviews of Jesus (15 of 15)
With a Man on an Island
Clarence E. Macartney
Luke 23:43

And the echo of that trumpet voice still rolls down
the ages. The stars were shining brightly in the
unclouded canopy of heaven. Noiselessly the ship
glided into a landlocked harbor and then, with a
rattling of the anchor chains, came to a standstill.
Looking over the rail of the ship, I could see the dim
outline of mountains. A small boat put off from the
side of the steamer, and we were rowed into the
landing place. The stars now were beginning to pale,
and the sun, rising over the sea to the east, lit up
the tops of the mountain and turned the waters into a
sea of glass mingled with fire. Far up on top of the
mountains appeared the white buildings of the eleven-
hundred-year-old monastery of St. John. Absolute
silence reigned. Silence on the sea. Silence on the
land. Deep silence, like that which was in heaven for
half an hour when the seventh seal of the Apocalypse
was opened. And such a*silence, I thought, was a fit
introduction to that immortal isle, for that is where
we were standing now, on "the isle that is called

John was one of the two disciples, John and James, who
asked for a seat at the right hand of Christ in the
glory of His kingdom. Jesus told them that they
understood not what they were asking. But when I get
to heaven there are three men whom I expect to see not
far from the throne-Paul and Peter and John. To John
it was granted to see the glory of heaven and the
kingdom of God and to write what he had seen.

John's acquaintance with Jesus began that memorable
day by the Jordan when he heard the Baptist say of
Jesus as He passed by, "Behold the Lamb of God." John
could never forget that hour. Writing perhaps half a
century after, he remembered all the circumstances,
just who were present and what was said and the very
hour of the day, just how high the sun was over the

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