by Clarence E. Macartney

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A Good Conscience (15 of 18)

The Greatest Texts of the Bible

Clarence Edward Macartney

1 Peter 3:21

The answer of a good conscience toward God.

The Commercial Airlines of the United States transport
hundreds of thousands of passengers millions of flying
miles each year with very few disasters. This
achievement is due in part to that remarkable device
known as the radio beam. The beam is not, as its name
might seem to imply, a beam of light, but a path of
radio waves emanating from the sending station and
spreading out at its greatest width over five miles.
When a plane veers off that radio path to the right,
the pilot gets the signal "N," or dash and dot. When
he veers off to the left, he gets the signal "A," or
dot and dash. When he is directly on the beam he hears
a constant hum, and when he is immediately over the
landing field there is a zone of silence. Thus through
rain and snow and storm and fog and night's blackness
the great ships are able to carry their passengers to
the desired haven. A wonderful triumph of man's
inventive genius, and a marvelous conquest of the laws
of nature! But within the breast of each living man
and woman is something more wonderful and more
mysterious than that radio beam. It is that beam of
divine light and guidance which we call conscience.

Conscience is the most wonderful thing in man. The
author of The Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant,
said there were just two things that filled him with
awe-the starry heavens and conscience in the breast of
man. Conscience is the sufficient proof of God-who is
the Author of it-of the soul, and of the hereafter.
Conscience is our wisest counselor and teacher, our
most faithful and most patient friend, and-our worst
enemy. There are no rewards comparable to the rewards
of conscience. There are no punishments so severe and
inexorable as those of conscience. The "well done" of
conscience is our purest joy, ...

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