by Clarence E. Macartney

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It Is Finished (5 of 18)
Series: The Greatest Texts of the Bible
Clarence E. McCartney
John 19:30

It is finished. It is done (Revelation 21:6).

Both phrases, ''It is finished'' and ''It is done,'' were spoken by Christ, and both were heard by John: the first when he stood near the cross and in the darkness of the ninth hour heard Jesus cry out with a great voice, ''It is finished''; the second when, in the vision granted unto him on the Isle of Patmos, he stood before the throne at the end of the ages and heard the triumphant Christ say, ''It is done.'' The first cry, ''It is finished,'' proclaimed that the foundation of the temple of redeemed humanity had been laid; the second cry, ''It is done,'' proclaimed that the glorious structure had been completed. Between the two cries stretches the history of the church.

''It is finished.'' That is the greatest proclamation ever made to man. Yet it did not seem so when it was spoken. Just a derided, mocked, forsaken, broken, thorn-crowned, wounded, bleeding, dying Man. Who cares what He has finished? And who cares what His last cry is? Yet the world has never forgotten it. That cry, ''It is finished,'' was heard by heaven, earth, and hell. Today it echoes around the walls of our churches, and at the end of the ages we shall hear it uttered, not from the cross, but from the throne, ''It is done.''

What had been finished? What is the meaning of that strange cry out of the silence and darkness that gathered about the cross on which Christ died? It means, first of all, that the sufferings of Christ are ended. A very real part of those sufferings, although not the greatest part, was His physical suffering, for God gave Him a body, and in that body He suffered.

The Sufferings of Christ

Deep, deep is the mystery and sacrament of suffering. Everywhere in life and in the world it meets us and perplexes us and confuses us. Yet I am sure that in the end it will be seen that suffering has done great and beautifu ...

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