by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Men of the Bible (13 of 15)
Daniel-The Man Who Lives Forever Because He Said No
Clarence E. Macartney
Dan. 1:8

An oriental king once summoned into his presence his
three sons and set before them three sealed urns: one
of gold, one of amber, and the third of clay. The king
bade his eldest son to choose among these three urns
that which appeared to him to contain the greatest
treasures. The eldest son chose the vessel of gold on
which was written the word, "Empire." He opened it and
found it full of blood. The second chose the vase of
amber whereon was written the word, "Glory," and when
he opened it he found it full of the ashes of men who
had made a great name in the world. The third chose
the vessel of clay, and on the bottom of this vessel
was inscribed the name of God. The wise men at the
king's court voted that the third vessel weighed the
most because a single letter of the name of God
weighed more than all the rest of the universe.

Daniel is one of those men who chose God above all
else in the world. He lives forever because he said
"No." Many of the greatest men of the Bible teach us
and guide us not only by their virtues but by their
transgressions. Noah, Abraham, David, and Peter were
all great men, but men who had serious blemishes in
their characters and dark chapters of unworthy
conduct. But Daniel is one of those men in the Bible
whose whole life, so far as we know their life, spoke
on the side of righteousness and of truth. He is
spoken of by the angel as "a man greatly beloved," and
no doubt one of the reasons was that his long life was
one of unbroken obedience to God and loyalty to the

The different states of our country every year select
young men from the universities of strong physique,
superior intellect, and high character to be sent to
Oxford University as Rhodes' scholars and drink at
that fountain of culture and wisdom. The potentate of
ancient ...

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