by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Men of the Bible (5 of 15)
Peter-The Man Who Was Saved by a Look
Clarence E. Macartney
Luke 22:62

In my dream I came to the celestial city where all was
glorious and fair. My soul was ravished with the beauty
that I saw and the music that I heard, harpers harping with
their harps, and the ten thousand times ten thousand
praising the Lamb that was slain. At first, however, I knew
not just where to go or with what company to associate
myself, for in that shining city I saw many throngs
assembled. One of the archangels, seeing my hesitation and
perplexity, came forward and accosted me. He asked me if I
would like him to conduct me to one of the assemblies that
I saw. I told him that I was not sure which one to choose;
but pointing to a company gathered together under the tree
of life on the banks of the river of life, I asked him who
these might be. "These," he replied, "are they who are
gathered about Paul, and if you join them now, you will
hear his high discourse on the sovereignty of God,
predestination, and redeeming grace." I told the archangel
that Paul had been my first love and greatest study among
all the apostles and the heroes of the Faith. Greatly did I
desire to see him and to hear him, and yet perhaps I would
not feel altogether at home in that august company gathered
about the apostle, for Paul was so mighty, so preeminent,
so heroic in his Christian race, so altogether in his
Christian life without a fault or flaw. "I am not sure," I
said, "that I would feel at home there."

Then, beholding another company standing by the sea of
glass mingled with fire, I asked the archangel who these
might be. "These," he answered, "are the friends of John,
and although they are now in heaven and drink of the Water
of Life at its source, still they delight to hear mystic
John discourse on the nature of God and how God is Love. If
you join them now, you will hear John speak on the
trans ...

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