by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Men of the Bible (3 of 15)
Moses-The Man of Three Mountains
Clarence E. Macartney
Num. 12:7

And so faithful through his long life that God said He
would not speak to Moses in the usual manner of
revelation, through dark speeches, but mouth to mouth
and face-to-face.

That is always the way in which the Bible refers to
Moses. Always he is the "servant of the Lord," the man
who does God's will. We can follow Moses further than
almost any character of the Bible. We know his story
from the river cradle to that solitary grave where God
buried him on Nebo's lonely mountain. Wherever we see
him or hear him through those 120 years of his life,
he is the "servant of the Lord."

The three most influential men of the Bible,
influential because of the importance and result of
what they established and did in their day and
generation, are Abraham, Moses, and Paul. These are
the three towering mountain peaks of biblical
biography. The Jews were not content with the sublime
record in the Book of Deuteronomy that tells us of the
death of Moses on Pisgah and Nebo. They felt that
Moses was so great in soul and intellect and the work
that he had accomplished so inestimable in importance,
that they tried to add something to the splendor of
that solitary entombment on Mount Nebo.

According to the old legend, God commanded the supreme
angels to take away the soul of Moses. The first of
these was the angel Zangiel who had been the
instructor and teacher of Moses. But this angel
pleaded to be released from that commission because
Moses had been his disciple. Then the angel of death
was called forth and, always eager for his melancholy
triumph, drew his sword and approached Moses. But when
he saw the Ineffable name inscribed on the rod of
Moses and the wonderful luster on his countenance, he
turned away in fear. As he did so, a voice sounded
from heaven speaking to Moses, "Contend not; thy life
last ...

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