by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Men of the Bible (2 of 15)
David-The Man After and Against God's Heart
Clarence E. Macartney
Acts 13:22
2 Sam. 11:27

A man once wrote me after hearing a sermon on David
and asked me, "Why do you think so much of David?" and
then went on to enumerate some of David's gross
transgressions. Perhaps the best answer would be
"Because God thought much of him."

We read in 1 Samuel that "all Israel and Judah loved
David." Apparently, Israel and Judah still love him,
for in the vote of the congregation on "The Greatest
Men of the Bible," David comes second, next to Paul.
Everybody loved him. Whether it was Samuel or Saul or
Jonathan or Bath-sheba or Abigail or King Hiram, they
all loved him. There is something in David that makes
the heart leap. His very name sets all the chords of
life to vibrating with sweet melody.

Whose are the faces that you would like to see first
of all in heaven? Each man for himself; but I will
tell you those whom I would like to see first of all.
First, it would be that face that was marred for me on
the cross, the face of Him who died for me and in
which is reflected all the love and all the pity and
glory of God. Then I would like to see the face of
Paul. Great Paul! He would make a heaven all by
himself. But after Paul the next one for whom I would
look would be David, and I am sure it would be
difficult to get a glimpse of David because of the
crowd that would always be pressing about him.

David was a great sinner. But we love him in spite of
his sins, and because in his sins he so greatly
repented and was forgiven and forever teaches
transgressors God's ways. We do not love David because
he was a cruel murderer and adulterer but because his
nature was generous, open, kind, magnanimous,
devotional, reverent, thankful, and in his deep sin,
he repented and was forgiven.

David As a Man After God's Heart

That description of David is often wondered at and ...

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