LORD, IS IT I? (12 OF 18)

by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Questions of the Bible and of Life
Lord, Is It I? (12 of 18)
Clarence E. Macartney
Matthew 26:21-22

Early on that memorable Thursday, Jesus had sent Peter
and John into the city from Bethany to make ready for
the celebration of the Passover. He told them that as
soon as they entered the city, they would meet a man
bearing a pitcher of water. They were to follow him to
the house and, going in, were to say to the master of
the house, "The Master saith, Where is the guest
chamber, where I shall eat the passover with my
disciples?" It is possible that this man was a secret
disciple. At all events, as soon as Peter and John
entered the city, they met the man bearing a waterpot
and followed him to his master's house. There they
asked the owner of the house what Jesus had told them,
and he showed them a large upper room, furnished and

Late that evening Jesus and His disciples bade
farewell to beloved Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and
Martha, and, leaving the quiet haven of Bethany for
the last time, made their way through the shadows of
the night into Jerusalem. When they reached the
appointed house, they went up the outside stone
stairway and entered the large upper chamber which had
been prepared for them. The candles were softly
glowing on the table, where were displayed the sacred
elements of the ancient feast-the roasted lamb, the
unleavened bread, the bitter herbs, and the cup of

All over Jerusalem that night lights were glowing in
the houses as the families gathered to celebrate the
feast of the Passover which had been instituted two
thousand years before. As they kept the Passover, they
recalled that great night in Israel's history when the
angel of the Lord, who smote the first-born of Egypt,
passed over the homes of the Israelites where the
blood of the slain lamb had been sprinkled on the
lintel and the doorposts. At the midnight hour, when
all over Egypt t ...

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