by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Words in the Bible and in Human Speech
The Word That Is the Greatest Teacher (15 of 15)
Clarence E. Macartney
Genesis 30:27

Life has many great teachers. Pain is a great teacher.
Death is a great teacher. Sorrow is a great teacher. Love
is a great teacher. But what is the word that sums up the
instruction of all other words? What is the word which is a
university where all men matriculate, but where not all
learn, and where not all receive a degree? What is the word
that teaches you more than all the schools and colleges?
What is the word that offers its wisdom, its riches, and
its honors to all men, and yet by many is rejected, scorned
and despised? What is the word that shows us the value of a
moment of time? What is the word that proves that the way
of the transgressor is hard, but that the path of the just
is as a shining light? What is the word that shows the
unhappiness of the life that is lived for self? What is the
word that shows the worth of prayer, and proves the power
of faith? What is the word that demonstrates the reward of
the good life and makes it certain to us that he who casts
his bread upon the waters after many days shall find it
again? What is the word that tells us that life's highest
satisfaction is in doing good to others? What is the word
which is the only lamp by which we can judge the future?
What is the word that assures us that all things work
together for good to them that love God? What is the word
that lets us know that this world can never satisfy the
soul of man, and that God hath set eternity in our heart?
What is the word that lets us know how great are the
mercies of God, and how wonderful His redeeming love in
Christ Jesus? That word is experience. "I have learned by
experience"-Genesis 30:27.

The man who said this was Jacob's uncle, Laban. Jacob
wanted to leave Laban and go back to his own place and his
own country. But Laban tried to persuade h ...

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