by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Words in the Bible and in Human Speech
The Inevitable Word (14 of 15)
Clarence E. Macartney
Hebrews 9:27

What is the inevitable word? What is the word that to
each man seems unnatural when applied to himself, but
natural when applied to others? What is the word that
God never intended man to pronounce? What is the word
that man began to speak only after he had pronounced
the saddest word? What is the word that reduces all
men to the same rank? What is the word that strips
Dives of his millions and Lazarus of his rags? What is
the word that cools avarice and stills the fires of
passion? What is the word that men struggle not to
pronounce, and yet all must pronounce, the prince and
the peasant, the fool and the philosopher, the
murderer and the saint? What is the word that none is
too young to lisp and none too old or too weary to
whisper? What is the word that frustrates ambition and
disappoints hope, and yet a word that has the power to
solve all the problems and heal all the wounds of
life? What is the word that men one day shrink from,
and yet on another day, and in different
circumstances, desire and seek after more than hidden
treasure? What is the word that men fear, and yet the
word which, if men will listen to its voice, can teach
them the meaning of all other words in life? That word
is death. "It is appointed unto men once to die"-
Hebrews 9:27.

O eloquent, just, and mighty death,
Whom none could advise, thou hast persuaded;
What none hath dared, thou but done;
And whom all the world hath flattered,
Thou only but cast out of the world and despised.
Thou but drawn together all the far stretched
All the pride, cruelty, and ambition of man,
And covered it all over with these two narrow words,
Hie Jacet.

-Raleigh, History of the World

"It is appointed unto all men once to die." Towards
the end of his life Daniel Webster related how once he
attended divine servi ...

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