by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Words in the Bible and in Human Speech
The Word That Takes In All Others (11 of 15)
Clarence E. Macartney
Revelation 4:1

What is the word that takes in all other words? One
thought that it was Savior; another, whosoever; and
others, God, Jesus, eternity; the greater number voted
for love. But none of these is the word that takes in
all others.

What is that word? What is the word that expresses
God's sublime thought for man ever since He said, "Let
us make man in our image"? What is the word that
fulfills the hope and promise of all other words? What
is the word that consummates the redemptive labors of
Christ? What is the word that cancels the woe of this
life and dries all tears? What is the word that makes
all things new? What is the word before which sorrow
and sighing flee away? What is the word that Jacob saw
in letters of gold when he dreamed his dream at
Bethel, that Stephen saw written across the sky when
he was dying, that John saw written in rainbow colors
across the sky at Patmos? What is the word that
awakens every chord in the breast of man to sweet
vibration? What is the word that is God's word for
home? That word is heaven. "I saw and behold a door
open in heaven"-Revelation 4:1.

Yes, here is the word that takes in all other words.
Is there any noble thought of the mind that it does
not measure? Is there any holy longing of the soul
that it does not satisfy? Is there any grand purpose
of God that it leaves out? Is there any work of Satan
that it does not overthrow? Is there any wound that it
does not heal? Has earth any sorrow that heaven cannot
quench? Is there any dream of man's spirit that heaven
does not make a beautiful reality? Is there any chord
in man's heart that heaven does not strike? No, heaven
is the word that takes in all others, fulfilling them,
transforming them, transfiguring them, and
illuminating them. It is the lost chord which, struck
by th ...

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