by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Words in the Bible and in Human Speech
The Weakest Word (9 of 15)
Clarence E. Macartney
2 Samuel 19:6

What is the weakest word? What is the word that is the
weakest because it is the most useless? What is the
word that men speak in sad reverie when they have let
opportunity pass them by? What is the word men use
when they have chosen a course of life and then are
unhappy in that choice? What is the word that strikes
the note of hopeless remorse and sorrow when men have
made their bed and then find that they must lie upon
it? What is the word that falls in distress from the
lips of a mother as she stands over the still form of
her dead child? What is the word men speak with
accents of grief when they discover that while they
slept in careless neglect those they love have been
taken from them, and now their ears are sealed to all
their passionate words of affection which waited too
long for expression? What is the word that Joab put
into the mouth of David when he was mourning over the
death of Absalom? What is the word Balaam used when
the angel of the Lord stopped him in his sinful path?
What is the word the sisters at Bethany used when
Christ came to see them? What is the word that is the
short, true, but sad and hopeless epitaph on thousands
of graves? What is the word that is cut over the
portals of the city of the lost? That word is if (2
Samuel 19:6).

If is the weakest word because it is the most useless.
What did an if ever do for God or man? If breaks no
chains of evil habit, mends no flaws in men's
characters. If never brings back a lost opportunity
and never opens a door that neglect or sin has closed.
If never brings back a day that has been lost. If
never armed one for the battle of life. If never
preached a sermon, wrote a book, built a house,
invented an engine, plowed a field, or conquered a
city. If never opened the doors of death and brought
back the life that ...

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