by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Words in the Bible and in Human Speech
The Most Mysterious Word (8 of 15)
Clarence E. Macartney
Judges 6:13

What is the most mysterious word? Some thought it was
death, and others eternity. But it is a word nearer to
us than death or eternity. What is the most mysterious
word? What is the word, that if we knew its answer, we
would know as much as God? What is the word that
righteous souls who believe in God and in God's
government of the world have spoken as they looked out
over the world and saw the reign of injustice and
wickedness? What is the word that believing and
afflicted souls have pronounced when God's hand lay
heavy upon them? What is the word that mothers have
spoken as they stood by the lifeless form of their
children? What is the word that Gideon spoke when he
saw Israel devastated by the Midianites? What is the
word that Job uttered when the Lord stripped him of
his possessions, took his sons and daughters away in
death, and left him naked and desolate on an ash heap?
What is the word that the Psalmist spoke when he
thought that God had forgotten him? What is the word
for the answer to which we shall have to wait till the
gates of heaven are opened? What is the word that sums
up the inscrutable mystery of human life? What is the
word that fell from the lips of Christ when there was
thick darkness over the face of the earth and He hung
dying upon the Cross?

That word is why. "Why, then, has all this befallen
us?"-Judges 6:13. Why is one of the first words that
our infant lips pronounce, one of the last words that
we speak after life's experience is over. Why is the
word of a little child, and also the word of the
tottering octogenarian. That why is the most
mysterious word in the Bible and in human speech, and
that it is a symbol of the unknown and the unknowable
in human life and experience, we can demonstrate by
illustration from the lives of those men in the Bib ...

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