by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Greatest Words in the Bible and in Human Speech
God's Favorite Word (6 of 15)
Clarence E. Macartney
Revelation 22:17

What is God's favorite word? What is the word that
echoes with sweet music in every part of the Bible?
What was the word that God spake to man before He
destroyed the earth with a flood? What is the word
that prophets and apostles like to pronounce? What is
the word that brought Peter to Jesus? What is the word
that was so often upon the lips of Christ? What is the
word that He spoke to little children, and to the
weary and the heavy laden? What is the word which,
obeyed, awakens joy among the angels in heaven? What
is the word which, disobeyed, brings sorrow to the
heart of Christ? What is the word that brings the
Bible to a close and strikes its final chord of music?
What is the word which is inscribed in letters of gold
over the gates of heaven, those gates to which the
guardian angels of the souls of men are ever pointing
their pilgrim feet?

That word is come. One could delete from the Bible all
other passages, and yet with those great passages
which pronounce the word "come" there would be a full
Gospel to preach. There are commandments and judgments
and denunciations in the Bible, for God is a God of
righteousness and truth, but sounding like a haunting
refrain in and above and through all other voices is
the voice of invitation, come. If you leave me just
that one word come, just that one string in my lyre,
still I can sing the whole story of redemption and vie
with the angels themselves. Come is the great word of
the Gospel. Go is the great word of the law. The law
shows the gulf between God and the sinner. The Gospel
bridges that gulf. The law drives; the Gospel leads.
Christ ever goes before, as a Shepherd before His
flock. Here again we can prove that come is God's
favorite word by its use in the Bible.

Noah and the Flood

Noah stands high in the list of the ...

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