by Clarence E. Macartney

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The Faith Once Delievered (10 of 15)
The Resurrection
Clarence E. Macartney
Revelation 1:18

There is probably no place on earth which will awaken
in a believer in Christ such emotions as stir his soul
when he stands in that grotto in Jerusalem, where,
according to tradition, was the rock-hewn tomb of
Joseph of Arimathea in which the body of our Lord was
laid after His crucifixion, and upon which the angel
in white sat to proclaim to His disciples the mighty
fact of the Resurrection. Passing through the Chapel
of the Angels, one comes to the grotto of the tomb
itself. The chamber is lighted by forty-three swinging
lamps, representing all the branches of the Christian
church. The forty-three lamps, casting their soft
radiance over the empty tomb, bear witness that it is
upon that empty tomb that the church stands, and that
the truth of the resurrection of Christ is the
unquenchable light and hope of the Christian faith.

The belief that Jesus, who had expired on the cross
and was buried in the garden tomb of Joseph of
Arimathea, rose again from the dead and appeared to
His disciples and others on thirteen different
occasions through a period of forty days established
the Christian church and set it going in the world. No
one questions that, not even the skeptics and the
unbelievers. They say that the disciples were mistaken
in their belief, but they all grant that they had that
belief, and that that belief established the church.
On no other ground is it possible to account for the
great transformation which came over the followers of
Jesus. Think of what a change that was! At three
o'clock on Friday afternoon, amid the gathering gloom,
Jesus cried out with a great voice, "It is finished,"
and gave up the ghost. His body was taken down by
Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus and laid away in the
garden tomb. When the third day began to dawn, a group
of weeping women came to the sepulcher with spic ...

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