by Clarence E. Macartney

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Twelve Great Questions About Christ (Part 11 of 12)
Will Another Jesus Do?
Clarence E. Macartney
2 Cor. 11:4

In one of his letters to Christian believers in a city
where he had preached, St. Paul speaks of the
possibility of men coming to them who will preach
"another Jesus." They would speak, of course, of the
same historical person, but their conception of Him
would be so different that it would be as if they were
telling of an altogether different Jesus.

Another Jesus! It is a far cry from the Judaisers of
Corinth and Galatia who would have made Christianity a
religion of rites and customs and works, instead of a
religion of redemption from sin, to the modernists who
preach in many of our pulpits, today, and write in
many of our magazines and have much to say about
Jesus. But the Judaisers of the first century and the
Modernists of the twentieth century are alike in this
respect: they both present to the world "another
Jesus." Great changes in the religious life and habits
of a people come slowly and almost imperceptibly;
there is no paroxysm to mark the transition from one
form of faith to another. For this reason the
astounding change which has come over the Protestant
conception of Christianity is only partially realized,
and in many quarters not at all. Ecclesiastical boards
and agencies go calmly on planning their progressive
work and using the language of the Protestantism of
yesterday as if it expressed the belief of the
Protestantism of today, whereas the fact is that so
great has been the change which has come over the
Protestant Churches that it is no exaggeration to say
that, in some places, Protestantism is offering to the
world, today, "another Jesus." This statement, I know,
will be warmly resented in many quarters, and by none
more warmly than by those who have gone the farthest
in proclaiming "another Jesus."

The Roman Catholic Church is more awake to this
stupendous ch ...

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