by Clarence E. Macartney

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Twelve Great Questions About Christ (Part 7 of 12)
Did Christ Rise from the Dead?
Clarence E. Macartney
Luke 24:3

No one ever found it! The grave of Jesus is still
without a tenant. "For the historian," writes Renan,
"the life of Jesus finishes with His last sigh." But
the life of the Christian commences with the
Resurrection. The empty tomb was the cradle of the
Church. If those women who came early to the tomb, or
the disciples who came after them, had been able to
find the body of Jesus, there or elsewhere, there
never would have been a Christian Church.

The Resurrection of Jesus is a fact of spiritual
significance. Nevertheless, it is a fact, and as such,
must come into court and be examined and tested by the
laws of evidence. In answering the question, "Did
Christ rise from the dead?" our task will be to set
forth the evidence for the fact of the Resurrection of
Jesus from the dead. In doing this we shall first show
that the belief in the Resurrection of Christ created
the Christian Church; and secondly, we shall show the
ground upon which that belief rested.

Belief in the Resurrection Created the Christian

It is impossible for us to look upon any given effect
without knowing in our inmost soul that there must
have been a corresponding and sufficient cause. No one
doubts that the Christian Church is here in the world,
and has been here for centuries. Wherever you go in
the world today, you will find Christian people
holding Christian views and worshipping Jesus Christ.
It would be impossible to write a history of the world
for the past nineteen centuries and not in every page
find it necessary to say something about the Christian
Church, and the influence it has exerted on the
affairs of mankind, the way it has guided the people's
thought and hope, the physical and intellectual
controversies which have been waged over the
interpretation of its doctrines, even the cruel and

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