by Clarence E. Macartney

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David and Peter (1 of 12)
Series: Parallel Lives of the Old and New Testaments
Clarence E. Macartney


When Dante visited Paradise, he related how hope, which awakens love, came to him and said:

Its effulgence pure,
From many a star descends; but o'er me fell
The earliest radiance that my heart can trace
From his sweet songs-the Bard of Israel.

Not only great poets, but multitudes of believers have felt the radiance that has come from the songs and from the life of David. David-what a name it is! Strange that more men do not call their sons David. The very sound of it is musical, and the name itself sets to vibrating all the chords which God has strung in the heart of man. According to an old rabbinical legend, the harp of David hung over his couch. The night wind playing upon the strings made such pleasing music that David arose from his bed, and all through the night, until the morning came, united words to the music. This legend embodies the idea that in the Psalms of David we have all the music of which the human heart is capable.

Men fail, but not the purpose of God. When Saul rejected God and was rejected by God, Samuel was sent to anoint David as his successor. When he came to the house of Jesse, seven of Jesse's sons passed him in review. They had not even thought it worth while to bring in their youngest brother, who was keeping sheep in the field. When Jesse expressed surprise at the request that David be brought in, Samuel said: "The Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." Back of all heredity, training and environment is the mysterious purpose of God. In the heart of David there was always something which God liked. Therefore He chose him.

During the long period of David's persecution at the hand of Saul, the silver lining of this dark cloud is the friendship of David for Jonathan. When David was discouraged, and beginning to lose his faith, and was in dange ...

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