by George H. Morrison

The Vision at the End
George H. Morrison
Daniel 8:17

In the larger sense of the word vision, this is a deep and universal truth. It is a truth we never should forget. We have vision when we understand a thing, when we penetrate to its significance. We have vision when we see the inward meaning of anything we have to do or suffer. And Scripture, in this Book of Daniel which dwells so much on the timeliness of things, declares to us the appointed time of vision. Not when plunged into the thick of life, immersed in multifarious details; not when the cross is heavy on the shoulder nor when suffering or sorrow overwhelms us; not then must we expect to see nor think God faithless if we cannot see-at the time of the end shall be the vision.

Think how true that is of the Creation as you read the story of it in the Bible. I do not envy the modern type of mind that cannot discover inspiration there. First there is the creation of the world in its endless and exquisite variety. Then living things appear upon the scene in the water, on the land, and in the air. But so far, though there is beauty everywhere, and order, and the dawning of intelligence, the world is still destitute of vision. There is no vision of a creating hand yet on the part of any of the living creatures. Bound in the great whole, they discern nothing of its increasing purpose. Then, at the very end, comes man, the crown and climax of the whole creation, and we remember the deep words of Daniel. At last there is one who understands, who is something more than part of a long process. There is vision now of a meaning in the universe and of a moral law and of a God. And all this, not at the beginning but at the very close of the creation-at the time of the end shall be the vision.

One feels, too, how true that is of Christ when we study the story of His life. It is all beautiful and divinely helpful; but the best wine is kept until the last. Where is it that we get our clearest vision of a love which ...

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