by George H. Morrison

On the Divine Ministry of Secrecy
George H. Morrison
Proverbs 25:2

Among the many ministries of God to arrest and stimulate His children, one of the kindliest and commonest is the attractive power of the secret. When a school-girl has a secret she becomes intensely interesting to her fellows. They wheedle her and coax her and even bribe her to reveal her secret. When the Cabinet is rumored to have a secret, how the newspapers grow hot upon the scent, tracking it with the skill of the American Indian! There is something fascinating in a secret. It makes us eager, curious, and alert. It rouses our interest immediately and quickens our dull hearts into attention. And God, who knows our frame, often arrests and stimulates our hearts by a kindly ministry like that. He says, "Children, are you growing dull? Let us play a game of hide-and-seek together." And then, playing, we forget our dullness and find we are having a delightful time. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, and He, who is a very loving Father, does it in the interests of His own.

Think how interesting this world becomes through that attractive power of the secret. The world would be a dull, dead place without it. God does not scatter coal upon the fields; He hides it in the bowels of the earth. He conceals the iron and the diamonds and buries the pearls under the ocean-floor. And then He says, "Children, let us have a game of hide-and-seek," and He does it because He loves us so and longs to have us quickened to activity. It is the secret of the stars that has led to all the triumphs of astronomy. It is the secret of the strata that has urged men to the study of geology. All science, all discovery, all search for the uninhabitable Poles is the response of man to the challenge of the secret. How the secret of an uncharted land played like a magnet on Columbus!1 How the secret of the sources of the Nile haunted and captivated Livingstone!2 The world ceases to be a dull, dead place and grows fas ...

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